Bar Double L Beef

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Ranchers?  Or Grass Farmers?

While beef is the end product, grass is our foundation. God provides the solar energy that the grass captures in ways that nothing man-made can accomplish. This solar energy is transformed into proteins and other nutrients which help the plant grow. Farmers harvest Our products!plant crops… usually with large machinery which converts the crop into a food source for people. Our crop is grass, but people can’t eat grass, and Keith and I aren’t big fans of heavy equipment.

Enter: the amazing cow! Our mother cows come in and harvest the grass for us. They convert that grass into nourishing milk for their calves. We save the best quality lush green grass for the cattle that are closest to finish. Those cattle convert that grass into protein suitable for human consumption. A pretty tasty form of food, we think. 

So, when you enjoy Bar Double L Beef, you are enjoying God’s marvelous creation of sunshine, soil, grass, and beef, of which we are honored to be the stewards.  

It’s all about the grass…

People often wonder what our days are like on the ranch. Well, it’s all about the grass. As I have said, grass is our foundation. We care for the grass first, and everything else follows.

Keith plans our grazing rotation so we are moving quickly during the peak growing season, trying to bite growing plants once and move on, allowing the plants to recover. We alternate which pastures grow to greater maturity, offering time to replenish their root reserves and then providing "standing hay" for the cattle in the dormant season. We flood irrigate the meadows in front of, and behind our grazing rotation, to keep plants healthy, green and growing. Even when we fix fence and trail cattle, it’s really about the grass.

All of this effort focusing on the grass benefits the cattle as well. We rarely find the need to treat a sick animal because they are moved to fresh pastures often, which not only benefits the grass, but also the health of the cattle.